Every leader needs a counselor, consultant, and coach.

From the marketplace to ministry, I've spent my professional life innovating solutions and implementing strategies.

Deciphering between necessary change and required transformation is part art, part science. As a leadership coach with a proven framework, I can help you examine the current reality and gain traction for your next transformations. 


When you consider your church or organization, what’s holding you back? What’s working against what you’re working for? What needs to be improved? What needs to be transformed? 

We help churches and organizations change their:

  • Strategy, model, and methods
  • Digital and physical channel alignment
  • Social media approach
  • Email management
  • Culture
  • Staff composition and structure
  • Leadership pipeline
  • Communication and teaching methodology
  • Volunteer recruitment, retainment, and engagement
  • Generosity design
  • Small group organization
  • Engagement pathway

Meet Dr. Gavin Adams

Gavin is a strategic organizational consultant and leadership partner focused on supporting leaders from innovation through implementation. 

Before launching Transformation Solutions, Gavin spent 15 years in ministry leadership, most recently serving as the lead pastor at Woodstock City Church, a campus location of North Point Ministries with 37,000 active participants and 65 staff. Prior to ministry, Gavin spent over a decade in the marketplace working as a business strategy and marketing consultant.

During Gavin’s ministry, he helped plant a church, revitalize a church, pastor a rapidly growing church, lead a mega-church, and serve in a multi-site church. This breadth of experience gives Gavin a fundamental understanding of virtually every leadership challenge.

Gavin has an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Masters of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.

Let's Get to Work.

Leadership coaching comes in many forms. I prefer engaging in relational partnerships that provide a deeper level of understanding and commitment to your church. We can work together in one of many forms:
  1. Video Courses (coming soon)
  2. Group Coaching Collectives
  3. Individual Leadership Coaching
  4. On-Site Preaching and/or Speaking
  5. On-Site Strategy and Model Evaluation
  6. Structured Leadership Coaching Retainer